Life History Of A Star

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Life History of a Star Jennifer Gentile

1999/16mm color – 13.5 minutes

Writer/Director/Editor: Jennifer M. Gentile

Produced by: Jennifer Gentile & Eric Harbert

Director of Photography: Sophie Constantinou

Musical Composers: Ann Perich & D-Day

Cast: Nancy Agabian, Tyler Brooks, Tre Temperilli

Life History Of A Star glimpses into the warped realities of Angie and Dave, an enthusiastic couple traveling to Hollywood with dreams of success.

Angie takes us on a magical journey as she recounts the events leading up to the destruction of her relationship with Dave and into her strange encounter with Claire. Issues of vanity, self-worth and abandonment are re-examined in unique ways as their trip unfolds.

Life History Of A Star from Jennifer Gentile on Vimeo.


Blinding Light Theater, Retrospective, Vancouver, Canada, 1/01

Mix Brasil, Rio, Sao Paolo, Brazil, 11/00

Hamburg Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, Germany, 10/00

Feminale, International Womens Film Festival,Cologne, Germany, 10/00

Sao Paulo Short Film Festival, Brasil, 8/00

Chicago Underground Film Festival, 8/00

Turin Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, Italy 4/00

Newport Beach Film Festival, CA, 4/00

Hollywood Shorts, The Gig, Los Angeles 3/00

London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, UK, 3/00

Ross Film Theatre, opened for Almadovor’s All About My Mother, 1/00

Mix Brasil Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, Sao Paulo, Recife, Brazil, 11/99

Mix NY Experimental Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, New York, 11/99

Film Arts Foundation Film Festival, San Fransisco, CA, 11/99

American Cinemateque, Egyptian Theater, LA, 11/99

Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, WA,  10/99

Hambug International Film Festival, Germany, 9/99

BBC Short Film Festival, UK, 9/99

OutOnScreen, Vancouver, 8/99

48th Melbourne Int’ Film Festival, Australia, 7/99

San Francisco Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, 6/99

The NewFestival, New York, 6/99

Athens International Film Festival, Ohio, 5/99

Golden Shower Video Festival, Texas, 5/99

Film Arts Foundation, Short Circuit, SF, 4/99

New York Underground Film Festival, 3/99

Pacific Film Archives, Berkeley, CA, 1/99

Sundance Film Festival, Park City, Utah, 1/99