Coming from an experimental art film background, Jennifer started her journey immersed in the indie film world. From 1991 through 2001 she made a number of short films, which screened internationally, throughout Europe and the US. In 2000 Jennifer was invited to CityZooms, as a guest Filmmaker to participate in a week long workshop as part of an international film event in Hannover Germany. In 2003 she was asked back as Curator and Presenter of the LA Film Program, this time held in Bremen, Germany. In 2013 her short, “My Pretty Little Girlfriend” (1997), was selected for the Outfest UCLA Legacy Program preservation project.

Life History Of A Star

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1999/16mm color – 13.5 minutes Writer/Director/Editor: Jennifer M. Gentile Produced by: Jennifer Gentile & Eric Harbert Director of Photography: Sophie Constantinou Musical Composers: Ann Perich & D-Day Cast: Nancy Agabian, Tyler Brooks, Tre Temperilli Life History Of A Star glimpses into the warped realities of Angie and Dave, an enthusiastic ...


My Pretty Little Girlfriend

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1996/16mm color – 7 minutes Writer/Director/Editor: Jennifer Gentile Produced by: Andrea Sperling & Jennifer Gentile Director of Photography: Caitlin Manning Music: Ann Perich & D-Day Cast: Tres Temperilli , Zoe Trilling An innocent lunch at a diner between a lesbian couple turns sour when a hamburger becomes the catalyst for ...


Isabella Holding A Pot Of Basil

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1994/16mm color – 15 min. Writer/Director/Editor – Jennifer M. Gentile   Five quirky tales inspired by Baccaccios Decameron, are retold to reflect a gritty, harsh view of women who suffer at society’s hands. Each short fablelike vignette is narrated by a different woman to the point of absurd distortion. The ...


One Eye Leads

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1993/16mm color – 10 minutes Writer/Director/Editor – Jennifer M. Gentile “There are inward and outward virtues which ought to be in a complete woman.” The ideals of what a woman should be are defined and destroyed, through the illumination of the Martyr Lucy, Patron Saint of the Eyes. Screenings Blinding ...


Corn Smut

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1991/16mm color – 7 minutes Writer/Director/Cinematographer/Editor – Jennifer Gentile “We started to kiss and then he wanted more.” One womans effort to control her environment as well as her own body, causes her to confront the dangerously close relationship between flirtation, sexuality and assault. Corn Smut from Jennifer Gentile on ...


Press Archives

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Filmmaker Magazine, Summer, 1999 New by definition, is a relevant term. That’s why, for instance, we feel compelled to repeat this list. For in the year that has transpired from when we started this list, last year’s apparitions of newness have either transcended into the realm of the known or ...